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From approval to integration

Whether standard or individual requirements of clients, architects and consultants: Schiffstechnik Buchloh‘s Detail Design contains precisely defined engineering solutions for construction and gives full and easy understanding of design items. The coordinated 3D-model of the Detail Design includes all data necessary and sufficient for shipyards to follow up with their manufacturing / production design.

In the Detail Design phase, all installed items, systems, objects and assemblies are integrated into a detailed and intelligent model. All systems are being routed and cross checked for collisions with other systems or the ships structural arrangement.

For the shipyard and the owner, we can provide very detailed informations and presentations about space demands, layouts, operatability and the accesablity of equipment and systems.

Our usual clients for Detail Designs are shipyards, it also occurs, that an owner orders Detail Design tasks from us to build ships in multiple locations or a series of ships in various yards.

A usual scope for our Detail Design includes

For the interieur we can provide you with detailed plans and layouts in 2D and 3D as the following:

All technical systems regarding engine or ship systems will be layed out und coordinated in 3D by us. For every system we deliver: