3D Scans

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Capture every angle

Whether it's remodeling, expansion, or retrofitting with new propulsion systems, planning and designing on an existing ship requires clean and up-to-date information. Our experience has shown that this is information is often lacking in older vessels. By digitally capturing every angle and corner of your ship, we provide an unparalleled planning foundation for your projects. This dataset can also be reused for the technical management of your ships even after the retrofit, allowing you to have an overview on land of what's happening on board.

Our inhouse experts are trained to scan in vessels of all kind and produce high quality results even in complex situations, suiting to the demands of our designers.

The execution of a 3D scan can take place during operation and enables clean pre-planning of modifications and the integration of new systems. This allows a high degree of prefabrication and work preparation before the vehicle arrives at the shipyard for retrofitting, minimizing the downtime of the vehicle. Time is money!