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Efficiency is everything

With our highly skilled team we are capable of taking on the most complex challenges in the field of any maritime related engineering task. We equip our team members with the most state-of-the-art engineering tools to guarantee high quality solutions in short time periods.

Our ship theory team is equipped with advanced naval architecture software to take on any kind of intact- or damage stability task.

On the way there are multiple other tasks we can offer you:

The hydrodynamics of a vessels hull is one key aspect for the operational expenses and the environmental impact of ship. We have highly skilled team members being experts in the field of hull optimization, choosing the most suitable propulsion, reducing wave patterns and the overall resistance of the vessel in useful parameters. The usage CFD simulations in an early phase are the key to a successful and economic ship design. Also when the vessel is in service the usage of CFD can be a great benefit to increase the vessels performance after small but effective conversions of the hull shape. We are using a high-performance computer to execute complex CFD analysis with STAR-CCM-Plus.

To make sure our clients do not need to spend budget on not needed material and to decrease the vessels weight, or to verify complex foundations and load introductions we have a team, that is focusing on structural analysis. We are capable of transferring our design work of ship structures into fully functional FEM models. This way we can build up complex maritime structures in short time and the investigation of the structure can be in parallel to the actual design work. For the FEM simulations our experts use Simcenter structures which is based on a NASTRAN solver.  We are capable to outsource the meshing and calculation process onto a high-performance computer. This way we can serve our clients in short periods of time with the right solution. Due to dropping water levels in inland waterways and increasing material costs the structural investigations have become a key technique to reduce the capital expenses for new built and to increase the vessels payload.

Especially when it comes to alternative power sources, the operational profile and the resulting power demands of a vessels is very important aspect for every further step in the ship design process. To exclude any kind of uncertainties we have developed a system to take long term measurements on existing vessels. This way we can precisely monitor the vessels behaviour. We call this step Data Logging. In a further step we can translate the data from an existing vessel into the behaviour of the new design.