Sophisticated Naval Architecture in the second generation

The company Schiffstechnik Buchloh was founded in 1994 in Unkel on the Rhine by Dipl.-Ing. Heiko Buchloh. At that time, besides him as the owner, a technical draftsman was employed. Initially, the company was mainly engaged in ship design and calculations.

After a corresponding establishment in the market and the associated growth of the employee base, the portfolio expanded to include design services.

In 2017, Kai Buchloh, design mechanic, field of application shipbuilding and naval architect, took over the management from his father.

In the meantime, the company counts 10 employees.

The activities have changed in that significantly more modern tools are used in ship design and simulations and the resulting findings can also be used in early design stages. Project team structures have been established to allow clear responsibilities and efficient and fast work.

Our focus

The focus of Schiffstechnik Buchloh is on inland and coastal shipbuilding. In the field of inland shipbuilding Buchloh is the contact with the greatest expertise and clout Germany-wide.
In the last 10 years Buchloh has projected more than 30 designs with alternative propulsion systems. There are now 14 vessels sailing on European waterways that were developed by Schiffstechnik Buchloh and feature alternative propulsion systems.

We are experts in the field of electric mobility. In our references you will find a variety of battery electric vehicles, solar ships (currently e.g. the cable ferry Missunde III) and ships with fuel cell propulsion (e.g. the passenger ship "Alsterwasser"). As a rule, these concepts are based on so-called "night charging". In other words, they are vehicles that do not operate at night and can be moored at a plannable location and supplied with electricity.

Our references include vessels for private customers as well as government vehicles. We have a lot of experience with award procedures, tenders by public authorities and the associated building regulations. Especially in the area of tendering procedures we have been able to build up a lot of expertise in order to provide our public sector customers with optimal advice and to accompany them on the way to their best possible ship.

We are an independent service provider, designing and constructing the best possible ship for your needs and looking for the most suitable shipyard to implement your wishes and our plans. As the project supervisor, we are your sole contact from the first meeting until any deficiencies in the built vessel are corrected.

Heiko Buchloh, Naval Architect, Founder † 2019

Our guiding principles


The start of a ship development process is defined by a structurized collection of data, requirements, informations and boundary conditions. We developed a customized process out of this to gather the needed input, from our client and with our own measurements, in a smooth and efficient manner.


To set a efficent framework for a desing task, the collected input needs to be processed. This gives us the oportunity to define sharp borders for the design space in the necessary locations and to give room for creative solutions at the same time.


Our highly educated and skilled experts are equiped with the best design tools which are available in the market. With a strong integration of simulations into the design process we can over the best designs and solutions for your tasks.

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Our History

Heiko Buchloh founds the company and starts working in the cellar of his family home
We receive an order from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate for the conversion of a laboratory ship.
We start our first decade with the design, construction and construction supervision of a large number of ferries, beginning with the new construction of the Linz-Remagen ferry in 1995.
New construction of the 36-meter motor yacht "Evanna"
For the Elb-Havel-Land we are rebuilding the Sandau ferry, and for Mühlberg we are building a new yaw rope ferry.
Many new and rebuilt ferries throughout Germany follow in the fourth year of our company's foundation.
The state of North Rhine-Westphalia commissions us with the new construction of the Max Prüss laboratory ship.
At the end of the 90s, we start with the first design for a river cruise ship for the Deilman shipping company. Three more river cruisers follow for the shipping company.
In the new millenium we were consulted to execute all naval architecture and design task to convert and enlarge the excavator vessel "Krabbe".
For the water police of Rhineland-Palatinate, we designed new patrol boats made of aluminum reaching a top speed of over 65 km/h
Construction of the passenger ship "MS Olympic Star" with two open decks and a restaurant.
With a length of 109.4 m and a width of 11.4 m, the 124 guests on board the MS Heidelberg can expect a particularly luxurious cruise ambience, planned and constructed in our office.
The classic, comfortable cabin ship "MS Frederic Chopin", we designed and refined based on her previous sister vessel
We designed the beautiful, elegant Casanova with a total length of 103m.
Increasingly larger river cruise ships like "Scenic Emerald" are being built for Scenic Tours.
We have been working with our client for many years. The planning for two event ships originates from our company.
We build special constructions like sliding roofs on seven cruise ships and floating or semi-submersible fountain systems for India, China, Saudi Arabia.
GREEN SHIP TECHNOLOGY is our top priority. This is how the this vessel was created according to our plans. The world's first zero-emission passenger ship with hydrogen fuel cell propulsion.
The world's first river cruise ship with diesel-electric propulsion. The nonarchitecture and designed packages were supplied by our company
As an exotic project we were trusted with the design of a floating art piece which was installed in the river "Ruhr"
We were trusted with the development of a new class of event ships, four decks high, 85 meters long, with space for up to 1,000 passengers and a large function space with stage.
The river cruises from Century Cruises Chongqing, have been converted according to our consultancy work.
We were commissioned with the design and construction of an electrically operated ferry for the Aasee in Münster (Solaaris).
Construction of the floating fountain system that has already fascinated countless visitors.
We got to know and appreciate a very special client in 2011. Together with Welthungerhilfe we built and put into operation 2 ferries in the D.R. Congo under difficult conditions 6000 km away from Unkel. Together with WHH we managed in only 2 1/2 years to build the ferry connections across the rivers Lubutu and Lowa as part of the road construction project Obokote/Ungandula-Punia. On January 29, 2014, the ferry connections were ceremoniously opened by the German Ambassador Dr. Wolfgang Manig.
Kai Buchloh starts his professional career.
The company was comissioned with the development of four zero-emission, solar-powered electric ferries for Berlin.
A novelty and unique in the world is the Mobile Inland Water
training facility for inland waters, in German "MÜB" for short. A floating training area for fire brigades
fire departments in France, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate.
The MÜB Regina Rheni is expected to pass Unkel on July 22, 2014 on its way from the shipyard in Maasbracht (Netherlands) to Mannheim, Rhine kilometer 637.
Buchloh developed the first of kind zero emission and energy autonomous laboratory vessel for a drinking water reservoir
The concept and basic designs for 6 Star 135 m river cruise ships were developed in Unkel
Buchloh developed the first of a kind zero emission car ferry for an inland water way ferry concection between Germany and Luxembourg.
Heiko's son, Kai Buchloh, becomes the managing director of Schiffstechnik Buchloh. Heiko Buchloh retires for health reasons.
The full basic and detail design for two battery electric passenger vessels were delivered, each capable of carrying 180 guests.
The company is expanding and raises its flags in Bruchhausen in front of their new office.
On the 24th of January, Heiko Buchloh passes away at the age of 59. He and his son were able to realign the company for the future. Heiko Buchloh leaves a big void in the maritime industry as an expert and as a human.
Schiffstechnik Buchloh did not hesitate to take on another challenge with an exotic client to design and construct a floating surf pool.
Third time lucky. Buchloh was commissioned to design the new luxurious event vessel for KD the concept, basic detail and workshop drawings were produced as the first remarkable project in the new office spaces.
An openable glass roof of 150t for an ocean cruise liner with a length of 42 m and width of 35 m is being engineered and made ready for production
We continue our success story with electric vehicle ferries and deliver the second basic design and tender package for a fully electric car ferry with a capacity of 50t. The project is remarkable because the owner orders his second ferry from Buchloh after a usage of 25 years of the first ferry from 1995
Besides several detail design contracts, Buchloh saves a contract to design a new type-workboat for the Harbors in Hamburg which is fully electric.
Continuing a previous concept design project from 2019, Buchloh is trusted with the basic and detail design for a new class of hydrogen-hybrid container push convoys
1 Employee
At home, in his own family home cellar.

Heiko Buchloh founds the company and starts working in the cellar of his family home

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